Kiia Taika

Kiia Taika is a Social Psychologist ( specialised in Mindfulness Meditation. Kiia is a holistic healer and Earth medicine keeper, teaching meditation and offering ceremonies with master plant teachers. 

She works deeply with the healing power of the elements, plants, sound, touch and energy. Coming from the forests of Finland she has travelled for years learning the art of healing from ancient wisdom keepers around the world. Kiia´s songs are inspired by her Nordic roots, deep jungles and teachings of the Master Plants.

Kiia is a moon dancer in the ancient Mexican Aztec tradition and her holistic training has included silence and yoga retreats in India, dietas with sacred master plants in the Amazon and co-creating ceremonies with Mayan wisdom keepers.

On her path around the world Kiia has studied sound healing, breath work, tantra, energetic healing and massage. She transmits the healing light energies of pure Nordic forests and eternal Now with her guidance, ceremony and music.

Through her own path of healing from stress based burnout, pains and anxiety, she has transformed her suffering into keys of healing to be in service for the highest good of all.

"On my journey from science to the temples of India and jungles of Latin America I got inspired to combine my background in psychology, emotional skills and mindfulness research 

with ancient traditions of meditation, yoga, breath-work, tantra and natural wisdom...

And as a result I discovered keys to the flow state of presence."

Flow is the natural state of our being.

That is why so many have healed and found themselves thriving simply by learning to access this flow state consciously. 

Many of us have learned to believe that stress, pain and suffering are normal part of life but this is not true. Our bodies and minds have a tremendous capacity to heal when we tap into the flow.

Flow is the natural state of our being 

Coming from the forests of Finland, I have travelled years around the world studying keys of holistic wellness to now share them with you.

See my life wasn´t always like this, enjoying under a coconut tree on the Carribbean beach or bathing in waterfalls.

Many years ago I had a difficult stress based burn out and I wasn´t able to even get out of my house. My life was filled with suffering, anxiety and pains all over my body and I didn´t really undestand what to do or how to heal.

My selfhealing journey took me to the beauty path of holistic wellness and natural earth medicine.

I discovered mindfulness meditation and did my master thesis in a research project studying effective ways to teach mindfulness for stress. 

This took me to a life changing journey to the roots of meditation in India, where I had the opportunity to study the art of meditation and yoga with several monks and teachers. 

I started to see that there was much more to discover in life than I had known.

I became conscious of the ever present flow of loving awareness.

My senses started to awaken and my heart open. I started to learn to love myself and my body, seeing myself as a part of all creation.

 I continued my travels to Latin America where I was invited to live with Native ancient wisdom keepers, learning to heal with plant medicine ceremonies. 

I co-created Cacao and Fire Ceremonies with Mayan calendar keeper in Guatemala and joined ancient Aztec Moon Dance tradition in Mexico. I also studied healing with sacred master plants with Native Maestros in the Amazon.

Travelling around the world I also studied breath work, tantra, nutrition, energetic healing, cosmovisions of ancient cultures and massage. 

On this journey from modern science of wellness to ancient wisdom all around the world, I found the flow state of conscious presence and openness of body, mind, emotion and creation.

Flow practice opened up my voice and I discovered the power of medicine music singing with drum, playing flutes and african harp. 

Most importantly flow opened up my mind, body and heart and led me to find my inner peace, unconditional love and great trust in the flow of life.

Some years ago I would have not believed I could feel this healthy, happy and blissful. 

Im now living the life of my dreams in the Carribean and Finland, creating healing all around the world.

 I feel forever grateful for all thousand teachers who have showed me the way to this flow.

What I wished on my journey was to have a collection of information that would help me to understand the new world that was opening to me

A guide what would lovingly take me by the hand to lead me home in my body and heart

That is why I am here

To be that guide

who always supports you to be more you

To discover who you truly are

Feeling safe


In peace

In the flow of life

In the arms of the Earth and the Universe

That is why I have created this portal

To help you find home 

It is not out there

It is right here my love

It is right here in your heart

In this body

In this moment

Breathe in

Relax with the exhale

You have arrived home

Mindfulness Meditation

At university of Helsinki I did my master thesis researching how this skill of consciousness could be taught effectively to reduce stress and anxiety for medicine students. This was the perfect way for me to truly dive deep into the world of Mindfulness Meditation.

When I found out all the science proved benefits of Mindfulness, I started to practice these skills of consiousness daily for 15 minutes. This completely changed my life and hundreds of thousands of more lives too.

With Be Flow Membership you will easily integrate Mindfulness Meditation and it´s benfits into your daily life. Daily pauses with Be Flow are that much needed relaxing break to connect with yourself and take care of your wellbeing.

Mindfulness Meditation is a thousands of years old practice of presence. It refers to a state of non-judgmental awareness of the present moment experience.

Practices based on mindfulness meditation train our skills of consciousness, guiding us to be more present right here and now with all of our senses. 

Learning to observe our own thoughts and emotions with acceptance and compassion creates more space to respond to the situations of life. Instead of reacting from our not always so pleasant old patterns, we get the opportunity to choose how we want to act and communicate.


Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

Eases chronic pain and improves restful sleep 

Boosts immunity, memory and focus

Enhances emotional balance and healthy relationships 

Improves experienced peace and happiness

Just in weeks also on brain structural level, even with just 10 minutes practice daily. 

Learning to observe our present moment experience with loving awareness makes life more beautiful and interesting. We can start orienting to life with new curiosity and start feeling joy and gratitude even for small things. As we learn to observe what is happening in our mind, emotions and body we can start hearing pains as messages and feel our emotions as compass of our lives.

Through Mindfulness based Be Flow App you will integrate this transformative and beneficial skill of consciousness in one month. We learn to tap into this flow state of consciousness to be fully here and now enjoying the present and creating better future. Observing and connecting with our values, needs and dreams we become conscious creators of our own reality. 

Mindfulness got me into a path of truly meeting and becoming myself, starting to live my dreams into reality on all aspects of life. Soon I realised it was necessary to integrate other informations and practices to heal myself and that is how Flow Method was born.

Welcome to the flow state of living in harmony with your body, emotions and mind. 

Combining Wellbeing Practices

Social Psychology had revealed me some of the mysteries of our human mind, emotions, relationships & communication. When I started to apply psychological interviewing and knowledge to myself in a meditative state, I truly started to heal pains and connect with my values and needs. 

I ended up studying more of relationship psychology, emotional and communicational skills and also meditative movement practices such as yoga, dance and tai chi. I travelled to Indian temples and Latin American jungles and connected with healing powers of ceremony, singing, music and nature.

I discovered amazing healthy food recipes from all around the world changing my food to be my nourishing and delicious medicine. I connected with tantra being able to heal myself from years of pains.

Combining years of psychology, mindfulness research and journey around the world

 I discovered that there is a simple way out of stress, anxiety and chronic pain

I discovered how to tap into the flow state of consciousness

It is this flow state where healing, creativity & bliss occurs naturally

In this state our nervous system slows down together with our brainwave length. In flow state healing, pleasure and creativity starts flowing naturally.

With Be Flow method you will easily access into this flow state daily where ever you are.

What is Flow?

Flow is simple

It is all about letting go of what makes our lives so complicated

Flow is what you naturally feel in those special moments when you are enjoying beauty of nature, having fun with your loved ones or when you forget about the time doing something that you love. 

Maybe you have felt this flow...

Watching a miraculous sunset painting the sky with it’s colours

Exploring the beauty of a new place on holiday

Or when you forgot about the time doing something that you love.

It is the flow that you feel having fun with your friends, pets and loved ones. 

It is what moves you when you dance or see the waves of the ocean after a long time and run to dive in.

It is this flow state where you become aware of the beauty of the present moment. Your breath slows down. Your creative thinking awakens. Your pleasure and playful joy of life starts flowing. 

Flow is what you naturally feel in those magical moments of your life.

Flow is that feeling of peace, freedom and joy of being alive, that blissful state of acceptance and presence. In this flow state our nervous system can relax and our harmful stress levels start dropping immediately.

Flow practice is not about sitting in a meditation for long times.

 Be Flow is all about discovering this flow state of awareness in movement, where ever you are.

What if you didn’t need to wait for those special moments 

all of your life?

Now you can dive into this flow state of living your best life anywhere you are, no matter what you are doing.

Practicing Flow is like learning to surf the waves of life. 

If we try to resist the waves of the ocean we will be drowned by those waves. 

With Flow you can learn how to surf those waves of life with joyful flow and ease. 

No matter what you are doing you can learn to be present doing that, living more happy and healthy. There is actually research that suggests that most of the people are analyzing the past or worrying about the future 70 % of their awake time!

Often the root cause of our suffering is based on emotions that could not be felt and released. When something hurts our emotions we tend to close our heart and create a story about the event, which then becomes our mental pattern.

That is why Be Flow goes beyond meditation: we also update our mind´s stories. We do not just observe or treat the symptoms of stress, anxiety or chronic pain but we create a loving space to truly see and release those emotions & stories that are limiting us to live our dreams into reality.

Feeling good starts from learning to truly love ourselves. Learning to face ourselves with accpetance and compassion is the way to flow.

Because you deserve to be happy, healthy and free of any suffering.

I created Be Flow app for you to have an easy access to all that helped me to find the flow of my wellness, peace, creativity and love that took so many years for me to find.

Be Flow App combines together all the keys to access this flow of life, unlocking and releasing all that no longer serves you. It is a journey to realize yourself, your connection to all that is and to love yourself as a meaningful part of all.

Flow is the easiest path to feel good about being you

Be Flow is a portal to drop into the flow that supports the healing of our body, mind and spirit.

Any healing that needs to happen will have space to happen as you learn to ground yourself and release blockages.

As we learn to connect with our heart and observe our experiences without judgment we get more space to respond to life instead of reacting from learned self destructive patterns.

 With daily practice our awareness starts shifting and we start perceiving the reality with more clarity. 

I believe we all deserve to feel amazing in our daily lives.

This is why I have created Be Flow App

 to share an easy access to all those keys that truly change lives.

We are creators of our own reality and this is a journey to reclaim your life force flow energy and power of creation