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Welcome to flow

 of wellness, joy & inner peace 

Stress Free Flow


Discover how to heal 

stress, pain & anxiety

with flow

Do You?

Feel stressed or overwhelmed?

Have hard time with digestion or sleep?

Feel down, lonely or worried?

Suffer pain in your body?

If yes 

This is for you


Life is in a constant flow and therefore

our ability to flow is the core of our wellness

Pressures of society can easily block your 

natural flow 

causing stress, pains and anxiety

Flow method brings you back into your natural Flow state

In flow state your nervous system and mind calms down  

and your body starts to relax and heal naturally

Science proved benefits of mindfulness


Reduce stress, anxiety and depression

Ease chronic pain and improve restful sleep 

Boost immunity, memory and focus

Impove emotional balance and healthy relationships 

Expand peace and happiness

With 10 minutes daily

Just in weeks, also on brain structural level

Stress Free Flow


You will get


28 Days Program

Heal stress, anxiety and pain with daily new content



Over 40 journeys for your flow state:

Flow Podcasts

Keys to stress free flow

Guided Meditations

With sweet relaxing music

Holistic Practices

Embody presence, calm & bliss

Sound Healings

Nature healing frequencies, flute & singing bowls

And more coming soon...

See the change you have been waiting for

Flow with any device, cancel anytime

No hassle or questions asked

Payment is charged only after trial ends



Flow healing allows your body, mind, heart and soul to arrive home into your natural flow state

Your body has a tremendous capacity to heal and create new reality of your dreams

When limiting beliefs, emotions and tensions are cleared, your vital energy starts flowing free, healing and inspiring you to create that life you will truly love

Flow is where health, inner peace, creativity and bliss arises from

This unique holistic approach combines exactly those elements of healing you need to truly flourish, loving yourself and your life

Hey there!

I am Kiia Taika

Social Psychologist (, Holistic Healer & Meditation Guide

Coming from the forests of Finland, I have travelled years around the world studying keys of holistic wellness to now share them with you.

I wasn´t  always enjoying life under a coconut tree on the Carribbean beach.

Many years ago I had a difficult stress based burn out. My life was filled with suffering, anxiety and pains all over my body.

I discovered the healing power of mindfulness meditation through my master thesis research, studying effective ways to heal stress at University of Helsinki.

I travelled to the roots of meditation in India, where I had the opportunity to study meditation and yoga with traditional teachers.

 I continued my travels to Latin America where I was invited to live with Native ancient wisdom keepers, learning arts of traditional healing and plant medicines.

Combining holistic healing traditions from all around the world

I found the Flow Method

Flow method brings you into the flow state where nervous system and mind calms down.

In flow state breathing, emotions and movement start to flow with ease clearing tensions and so your body starts to heal itself naturally.

This is where inner peace, joy, creativity and wellness arise.

No matter what has happened before in your life, I want you to know that...

It is possible to heal & create a life you love

by tuning back into your flow

And it is much easier than you think!

Breathe in

Relax with the exhale

You have arrived to the door of your flow


Press play and tune in for peace, pain release, sleep, compassion and more with healing sound frequencies...


Discover the keys to stress free flow inspired by modern science, holistic healing approaches and real life experiences


Release stress, open up your voice and the bliss of your body with diverse holistic practices


Relax into healing frequencies and sounds of nature

Tune into your flow based on 





Emotional skills

Traditional healing

Recorded in the Amazon rainforest and by beautiful lakes in Mexico and Finland

Being in the Flow is like learning to surf the waves of life

If you try to resist the waves of the ocean you will be drowned by those waves 

Instead you can learn how to surf with openness, acceptance and ease

In the flow state your nervous system calms down and healing, starts to happen naturally


This is where consciousness, bliss, love and inspiration blooms

Flow is the easiest path to feel good

Flow as long as you like, cancel anytime

No hassle or questions asked

Payment is charged only after trial ends