Flow Mentoring


Stress, fatigue, pains?

Worries about relationships, work or life?

Holistic Mentoring invites your body, mind and heart to arrive home into your natural flow state.

Your body has a tremendous capacity to heal.

When limiting beliefs, emotions and tensions are released,

 your nervous system relaxes and vital energy starts flowing free healing you on all aspects of life.

Flow is where health, inner peace, creativity and bliss arises from.

This unique holistic mentoring combines psychology, mindfulness, emotional skills, natural medicine and traditonal healing wisdom, for you to truly flourish, loving yourself and your life.

Welcome to discover your flow with mentoring where ever you are.

In a Holistic Mentoring we will move mountains healing pains, clearing obstacles and finding clarity for you to live in your full potential where ever you are.

As a social psychologist and holistic healer my mission is to support you to be in the blissful and abundant flow on all aspects of your life.

Many of us have learned to believe that stress, pain and suffering are normal part of life but this is not true.

Pains and obstacles we experience are here to only show us the way. When seen as messages, the challenges you might be going through right now are exactly the key for your new fully aligned life.

Holistic Mentoring heals physical symptoms discovering their root cause in emotional and psychological processes. 

Becoming aware of the original root cause of our symptoms aswell as creating concrete holistic practices is an effective method to enhance your holistic wellbeing, vitality and happiness.

Holistic mentoring offers loving and professional guidance for you to live in peace, health and bliss in all areas of your life.


Transform stress & anxiety into peace

Ease and heal pain from it´s roots

Find your new direction in life or work

Heal your relationship or heartbreak

Embody spirituality into your life

Unlock the blissful potential of your body, mind and heart

with sessions and holistic practices created for you

Flow Mentoring is a shortcut to get where you want to be

In Personal Mentorship sessions we hear what is happening in your life, body and heart. 

We take a moment to drop into relaxed flow state of presence through meditative guidance. 

In this state we can together release blockages that cause you suffering and find clarity to challenges.

My questions will help you to discover your inner authentic truth and I will guide you to find practical solutions from the field of holistic wellbeing. 

Personal Sessions create a safe space to tap into the flow state and your power of creating your own reality. 

Discover the power of your subconscious mind

Release pains, emotions and patterns of though that block you from being who you truly are

I will be a clear mirror to help you find forgiveness, compassion, boundaries, direction and constructive ways of communication with yourself and others.  

Through my questions you will easily connect with your authentic values, needs and dreams discovering how to live them into reality step by step with ease. 

Utilized techniques:


Pain Release

Guided Meditative Healing

Physical Movement Guidance

Emotional Healing

Voice Activation

Energetic Tools


Personal Mentorship includes personalised holistic practices and guided meditations to truly integrate the flow into your life.

After each of our sessions you will get a guided flow practice in the app, created exactly for you to overcome any challenge and thrive in your daily life. 

Together we will create a concrete step by step plan to integrate flow into your daily life with inspiring beneficial habits.

This offering is available only for few.

Remember who you truly are and what you are already part of

Kiia as a Healer

"I want you to feel truly safe, heard, seen and loved 

so that your body remembers how to heal and your heart feels the love that you are."

 Kiia Taika is a Social Psychologist (Ms.sc) specialised in Mindfulness Meditation and Emotional Skills. 

Kiia is a holistic healer and Earth medicine keeper, teaching meditation and offering ceremonies with master plant teachers. 

Combining modern science with ancient wisdom Kiia sees our body, mind, heart and spirit as one. 

With loving kindness Kiias asks and listens deeply to understand the root causes of your obstacles to support you to transform and clear them.

On her path around the world Kiia has studied nutrition, breath work, tantra, energetic healing and massage. Kiia works deeply with the healing power of the elements, plants, sound, touch and energy. Coming from the forests of Finland she has travelled for years learning the art of healing from ancient wisdom keepers around the world.

Kiia is a moon dancer in the ancient Mexican Aztec tradition and her holistic training has included silence and yoga retreats in India, dietas with sacred master plants in the Amazon and studying healing with Mayan wisdom keepers.

She intuitively transmits the healing energies of the Nordic forests inspired by the and Ancient wisdom of Finland, Mexico, Guatemala, Amazon, India and Egypt.

Through her own path of healing from stress based burnout, pains and anxiety, she has faced her deepest fears transforming her suffering into keys of healing to be in service for the highest good and healing of all.



75 min - Personal Session Online

First time offering

70 €


Transformative journey into your natural flow of health, inner peace and happiness 

with 1:1 sessions and content created for you.


Personal Holistic Sessions 3 x 75 min

Personal Practices 3 x Guided meditation / Holistic Practice created for your flow

Holistic Transformative Plan

All of your questions answered

Value 800 €


444 €

Your Personal Practices will be downloaded to the app to support your daily life after each session.

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Areas of my Specialisation

Mindfulness Meditation

Stress, Anxiety & Pain

Emotional Healing & Self-Love

Relationships & Communication

Flow State & Spirituality

Feminine Flow

 Sacred Sexuality & Tantra

Creating life & career of your dreams

Step into the flow


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What is the Flow?

Flow is what you naturally feel in those magical moments of your life. It is the feeling of being alive, fully present here and now.

Flow is the feeling of joy, freedom and clarity.

It is the peace of knowing that everything is and will be alright.

Creativity, pleasure and abundance start flowing in their full potential as you tap into your authentic flow.

Maybe you have felt this flow...

Watching a miraculous sunset painting the sky with it’s colours

Exploring the beauty of a new place on holiday

Or when you forgot about the time doing something that you love.

It is the flow that you feel having fun with your friends, pets and loved ones. 

It is what moves you when you dance or see the waves of the ocean after a long time and run to dive in.

What if you didn’t need to wait for those special moments 

all of your life?

Now you can dive into this flow state of living your best life anywhere you are, no matter what you are doing.

This is the natural state of our being and that is why so many have healed themselves simply by learning to access this flow state intentionally.

As you connect with your dreams and creative life force energy

life full of opportunities will open up in front of you.

I could talk to you about how amazing it is to live in the flow but you will never know until you feel it yourself.

Welcome to discover your flow.