Holistic Therapy

Holistic Therapy allows your body, mind and heart to arrive home into your natural flow state.

Your body and mind have a tremendous capacity to heal and create reality

When limiting beliefs, emotions and tensions are released, your nervous system relaxes. Vital energy starts flowing free healing you on all aspects of life. 

Flow is where health, inner peace and bliss arises from.

This unique holistic session combines exactly those elements of healing you need to receive at the moment

not only to heal but to live your fullest potential, loving yourself and your life.

Welcome to discover your flow together with Kiia

Holistic Therapy

Is a transformative journey into your natural state of health, pleasure and inner peace.

In person holistic sessions start with a talk over a cup of delicious medicine of Cacao to open up our hearts and hear what is happening in your life. Through psychological inquiry, you will receive clarity that supports your wellbeing. You will also receive guidance to any challenges from holistic wellness field.

With loving meditative guidance, massage, healing plants, sound and energetic healing we will create a sacred safe space for all your tensions to melt and possible blockages to open up.

Any emotions, movements and sounds are always welcome and you are always invited to express what you need in the moment. Being present to all that arises we will move mountains inviting clarity of mind and relaxed openness.

Elements used in my healing sessions:

If you feel a calling for deeper ceremonial healing work you can write me about your life situation and intentions via email.

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Stress, hurry, fatigue, pains? 

Worries about work, relationships, life?

You are not alone

Many of us have learned to believe that stress, pain and suffering are normal part of life but this is not true

I have been there too and I wish no one had to 

That is why my passion is to help you transform your obstacles into keys for your new aligned life

It is all connected

When something in our life is not aligned with our natural flow, our emotions get stuck and body creates symptoms to show us how to get where we deep down want to be

Tuning into the flow state your nervous system calms down and healing, starts to happen naturally

This is for you if you want to:

 Transform stress & anxiety into peaceful presence

Find emotional balance, compassion & self-love

Ease and heal chronic pain from the roots

Unlock the blissful potential of your body, mind and heart

Connect with your purpose and creativity

Create loving and healthy relationships 

Change starts form choosing yourself

Meet Kiia 

"I want you to feel truly safe, heard, seen and loved 

so that your body remembers how to heal and your heart feels the love that you are."

 Kiia Taika is a Social Psychologist (Ms.sc) specialised in Mindfulness Meditation and Emotional Skills. 

Kiia is a holistic healer and Earth medicine keeper, teaching meditation and offering ceremonies with master plant teachers.


Combining modern science with ancient wisdom Kiia sees our body, mind, heart and spirit as one. 

With loving kindness Kiias asks and listens deeply to understand the root causes of your obstacles to support you to transform and clear them.

On her path around the world Kiia has studied nutrition, breath work, tantra, energetic healing and massage. Kiia works deeply with the healing power of the elements, plants, sound, touch and energy. Coming from the forests of Finland she has travelled for years learning the art of healing from ancient wisdom keepers around the world.

Kiia is a moon dancer in the ancient Mexican Aztec tradition and her holistic training has included silence and yoga retreats in India, dietas with sacred master plants in the Amazon and studying healing with Mayan wisdom keepers.

She intuitively transmits the healing energies of the Nordic forests inspired by the and Ancient wisdom of Finland, Mexico, Guatemala, Amazon, India and Egypt.

Through her own path of healing from stress based burnout, pains and anxiety, she has faced her deepest fears transforming her suffering into keys of healing to be in service for the highest good and healing of all.

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You can  book your session filling the form below or sending email to


Areas of my Specialisation

Mindfulness Meditation

Stress, Anxiety & Pain

Emotional Healing & Self-Love

Relationships & Communication

Flow of Life & Spirituality

Sacred Sexuality & Tantra

Feminine Empowerment

Holistic Well-being of Body, Mind & Spirit

Creating life & career of your dreams

Step into the flow


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