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Welcome to be in the flow

Where wellness, love and life

Flow with ease


Life is in a constant flow and therefore

Openness to flow is the core of our wellness

When your breath, body, mind & emotion 

flow with ease you feel amazing

Pressures of society and challenges of life can easily block your natural flow 

causing stress, pains and symptoms

No matter what has happened I want you to know that

It is possible to heal & create a life you love

by tuning back into your natural flow

And it is easier than you think!



Combining modern science of wellness, mindfulness and psychology 

with ancient wisdom from all over the world

Recorded in the Amazon Jungle and by lakes in Finland and Mexico

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Cacao Ceremony Course


Dive deep into the Heart of Cacao and learn to facilitate your own Ceremonies

Based on teachings of Mayan wisdom keepers and Aztec Moon dance traditions

With many years of experience and hundreds of happy ceremony participants


Sunday 28th April

Learn the ancient secret of Cacao Ceremony

from Cacao Garden at Mayan Temples of Palenque

9 - 10 am Palenque time (GMT - 6)

18 - 19 pm Finland time (GMT +3)


Flow healing allows your body, mind, heart and soul to arrive home into your natural flow state

Your body has a tremendous capacity to heal and create new reality of your dreams

When limiting beliefs, emotions and tensions are cleared, your vital energy starts flowing free, healing and inspiring you to create that life you will truly love

Flow is where health, inner peace, creativity and bliss arises from

This unique holistic approach combines exactly those elements of healing you need to truly flourish, loving yourself and your life

Mentorship available online for those ready for deep transformation


Arrive home in the now

Relax your nervous system and mind

Release pain, emotions & limiting beliefs

Find peace, self-love and gratitude

Feel flow of divinity in your humanity

Being in the Flow is like learning to surf the waves of life

If you try to resist the waves of the ocean you will be drowned by those waves 

Instead you can learn how to surf with openness, acceptance and ease

In the flow state your nervous system calms down and healing, starts to happen naturally


This is where consciousness, bliss, love and inspiration blooms

Flow is the easiest path to feel good

Hey there!

I am Kiia Taika

Social Psychologist (, Holistic Healer & Meditation Guide

Coming from the forests of Finland, I have travelled years around the world studying keys of holistic wellness to now share them with you.

See my life wasn´t always like this, enjoying under a coconut tree on the Carribbean beach.

Many years ago I had a difficult stress based burn out and I wasn´t able to even get out of my house. My life was filled with suffering, anxiety and pains all over my body and I didn´t really undestand what to do or how to heal.

My selfhealing journey took me to the beauty path of holistic wellness and natural earth medicine.

I discovered mindfulness meditation and did my master thesis in a research project studying effective ways to teach mindfulness for stress. 

This took me to a life changing journey to the roots of meditation in India, where I had the opportunity to study the art of meditation and yoga with several monks and teachers. 

I started to see that there was much more to discover in life than I had known.

I became conscious of the ever present flow of loving awareness.

My senses started to awaken and my heart open. I started to learn to love myself and my body, seeing myself as a part of all creation.

 I continued my travels to Latin America where I was invited to live with Native ancient wisdom keepers, learning to heal with plant medicine ceremonies. 

I co-created Cacao and Fire Ceremonies with Mayan calendar keeper in Guatemala and joined ancient Aztec Moon Dance tradition in Mexico. I also studied healing with sacred master plants with Native Maestros in the Amazon.

Travelling around the world I also studied breath work, tantra, nutrition, energetic healing, cosmovisions of ancient cultures and massage. 

On this journey from modern science of wellness to ancient wisdom all around the world, I found the flow state of conscious presence and openness of body, mind, emotion and creation.

Flow practice opened up my voice and I discovered the power of medicine music singing with drum, playing flutes and african harp. 

Most importantly flow opened up my mind, body and heart and led me to find my inner peace, unconditional love and great trust in the flow of life.

Some years ago I would have not believed I could feel this healthy, happy and blissful. 

Im now living the life of my dreams in the Carribean and Finland, creating healing all around the world.

 I feel forever grateful for all thousand teachers who have showed me the way to this flow.

What I wished on my journey was to have a collection of information that would help me to understand the new world that was opening to me

A guide what would lovingly take me by the hand to lead me home in my body and heart

That is why I am here

To be that guide

who always supports you to be more you

To discover who you truly are

Feeling safe


In peace

In the flow of life

In the arms of the Earth and the Universe

That is why I have created this portal

To help you find home 

It is not out there

It is right here my love

It is right here in your heart

In this body

In this moment

Breathe in

Relax with the exhale

You have arrived home

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Recorded in the Amazon rainforest and by magical lakes in Mexico and Finland

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