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Kaakao on luonnon oma rakkauden lääke.

  Kaakao auttaa meitä saapumaan kotiin kehossamme tässä ja nyt ja tuntemaan elossa olemisen luonnollisen nautinnon.

Kaakao on luonnollinen mielialan nostattaja ja stressihormonien vähentäjä. 

Tämä Jumalten juomaksi Mayojen nimeämä herkullinen eliksiiri ravitsee kehoa rikkailla ravintoaineillaan sekä aktivoi hyvänolon hormoneja serotoniinia, endorfiinia ja dopamiinia. 

Mieli rauhoittuu, yhteys kehoon avautuu, verenkierto vahvistuu ja elämänvoima voimistuu.

Tervetuloa avaamaan sydämesi ja elinvoimasi yhdessä kaakaon äärelle.


Kaakao-seremoniassa kokoonnumme yhdessä piiriin. Kerron kaakaon perinteisestä merkityksestä opittuani kaakaosta sekä seremoniatyöstä Guatemalassa ja Meksikossa asuessani. Ohjatun meditaation kautta aloitamme matkan läsnäolon taikaan arjen taa. 

Seremonioissa vien osallistujat musiikilliselle matkalle yhteyteen itsen kanssa, kutsuen halukkaat mukaan laulamaan yhdessä. Jokainen seremonia on ainutlaatuinen taianomainen kokemus, jonka kaikki osallistujat luovat yhdessä.


Kaakao sisältää paljon antidioxidantteja ja mineraaleja kuten rautaa, magensiumia ja sinkkiä.

Kaakao sisältää myös theobrominea joka vahvistaa verenkiertoa energisoiden ja sydäntä avaten. Se on hyväksi sydämen terveydelle.

Kaakaon anandamide, bliss molekyyliä avaa nautinnolle, hyvälle ololle ja inspiraatiolle.

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Medicine of Heart

Cacao is the ancestral medicine of love that Mayas called the food of Gods.

This delicious Elixir prepared from real high quality organic Cacao, opens up our hearts, healing our bodies, minds and spirit.

Cacao brings us to the present moment here and now with clarity of mind and connection with our body. 

Cacao is a natural anti-depressant and mood elevator activating all of our love hormones, opening us to creativity and playfulness. It is loaded with antioxidants, iron and magnesium for the good of your body. 

Cacao has been used by the tribes of Latin America for thousands of years as a drink of welcome and as a medicine to connect with the guidance of the spirit world, elements and ancestors.

Cacao is called Mother Cacao as this heart medicine has very feminine mother like essence. Drinking a cup of delicious warm Cacao feels like a hug of a strong loving mother. She guides us to presence, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness. She gives us power and confidence to be and express who we truly are.

She opens our mind to focus and create with flow of pleasure, energy and excitement. 

Welcome to a Cacao Ceremony or Cacao Healing with me to deeply connect with this medicine of love, opening your whole being to the flow of life force energy and love.

Cacao Ceremony

In a Cacao Ceremony we gather in a loving circle to connect with our heart and that one heart we form together. In a circle everyone is equally seen and heard. We connect with our own essence through guided meditation and open our hearts through singing with our authentic voice. 

Every ceremony is a unique expansive and mystical experience as everyone present is creating the ceremony together. 

My ceremonial guidance arises always in the moment feeling the energies of the circle, moon and day. I receive inspiration and guidance from Mother Cacao, the cycles of the Nature and the Mayan Calendar that are always present in my ceremonies.

My Cacao Ceremonies are often combined with a fire ceremony. Fire is a powerful element that brings us together as a tribe, offering light, warmth and transformation. In the ceremony we light up the fire with intention, calling in the directions, creating a portal for connection, healing and medicine music. 

Cacao Ceremony is created in the moment but it honours the ancient traditions of those teachers who have shared their wisdom with me in Guatemala and Mexico. We offer plants, prayers, gratitude and songs to the fire, wisdom keepers and guardians of the Nature

Cacao ceremony takes us to a journey of authentic connection with the nature, helping us to find our truth, inner power and joy of life. Together we liberate any emotions that no longer serve us and call in what is wished into our lives. We open up our hearts and voices singing with the ancient rhythm of Medicine drum giving thanks for our lives, opening up our heart and body.

Through cacao, connection, music, dance and power of unconditional love, Cacao Ceremony creates a transformational celebration of this magical life.

What is Ceremonial Cacao?

Ceremonial Cacao is the best quality Cacao that exists, produced organically with care and intention from cultivation process to the cup. I have been learning from the traditions of Cacao in Guatemala and Mexico so my ways of working with Cacao are inspired by the tradition keepers there.

When Cacao fruit is traditionally harvested from the trees it is opened up to be fermenented in the liquid of the fruit itself for 9 days. After fermentation process the seeds are dried and then toasted on low heat. The whole seeds are peeled and ground with a little bit of heat until they form a delicious mass which is made into a block of 100 % organic Cacao with love.

In my ceremonies I use Cacao that I have brought myself from Mexico, that is cultivated and processed by local family company that are keeping alive traditions of their ancestors respecting the nature.


Heart Opening Medicine

Cacao contains theobromine which significantly increases blood flow leading to heart-opening sensation. Most of people feel filled up with love, open and connected to yourself, others and nature.

Energy, Focus & Creativity

Theobromine naturally boosts our energy levels helping us to concentrate and release our creativity. Drinking Cacao heightens meditation and allows us to hear the wisdom of Mama Cacao and our own heart and spirit when we meditate.

Natural Antidepressant

Cacao increases production of serotonin, a brain chemical that helps us feel positive. It enhances release of dopamine and endorphin that are great remedies for premenstrual syndrome and depressive symptoms. 

Stress Relief

Cacao relieves emotional stress all the way to hormonal level helping us to be present here and now with all of our body.

Super Food

Cacao contains lots of antidioxidants, potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron, zinc, and magnesium which contribute to overall and cardiovascular health.

Natural Bliss

Cacao helps our body to release bliss molecules of dopamine, anandamide and endorphin. She helps us to connect with feelings of self love, forgiveness, ecstacy and connection.


If you are pregnant or use any anti-depressive medication you should consume Cacao only in very small dosis.

Cacao Healing

With all of my heart I welcome you to come home into your body and heart in my personal healing session. I Welcome you to rest, release and be held in safe unconditional love with me and Mama Cacao.

 The session starts with setting an intention and drinking the heart opening medicine of Cacao to receive her guidance. I truly want to hear you, see you and support you on your journey of life. 

I will guide you into relaxed meditative state to create a healing embodied experience for your exact situation. We will utilize psychology based inquiry to clear out any patterns or limiting beliefs from your unconscious mind that might be causing you suffering.

Your body has all the capacity to heal when the blockages are removed. With loving massaging touch, cleansing plants, energetic healing and meditative guidance I help you to release any blocked emotion or pain if needed. With energetic healing and vibration of my voice I support your body to open up to the flow of healing light energy. 

My connection with Cacao is deeply inspired by my time in the Mayan lands of Guatemala. I base my healing and ceremonial work on Mayan Calendar so on the first session we check your Mayan Nahual Cross based on Guatemalan Chol Q’ij calendar. This can give a lot of insights and understanding of your life situation realizing your gifts, challenges and purpose in life.

With Cacao Healing we dive into the flow state which is the natural state of our being. That is why so many have healed themselves simply by learning to access this flow state intentionally.

As you connect with your creative life force energy with Cacao life full of opportunitities will open up in front of you.

 I now offer healings in the area of Helsinki or in events with peaceful space. If you feel this resonating in your heart just write me and lets find a time for our Cacao Healing session together.

My Story with Cacao

To love ourselves we first have to meet ourselves. 

First Cacao Ceremony I participated changed my life. It was in the jungles of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala where I first had the chance to drink this elixir of life. 

When I drank my first cup of ceremonial Cacao it felt like I started awakening from another layer of sleep. All my senses came alive as I started to arrive here and now with all of my body. I came down from my constantly thinking mind back to my heart feeling and allowing myself to dance like no one was watching.

I was sure that someone had put something else in that cup of Cacao! As I started my journey with this heart medicine I came to see that there is no need to. Cacao is a powerful medicine for all. I felt there was some magic in the air and I decided I had to find out what was it all about.

Later on I did my master thesis about Mindfulness Meditation and travelled to India to learn more about the spiritual aspects of meditation where this practice was born thousands of years ago. In Goa I was invited to help to cook Cacao and sing to this medicine in a Cacao Circle. I received my first ever pack of ceremonial Cacao and made a ceremony with my friends.

Cacao called me to travel back to her roots in Guatemala and Mexico. I wanted to learn all about this magical medicine and how it is traditionally prepared from tree to cup. I wanted to learn how to serve this loving medicine and be blessed to do that with tarditional wisdom keepers. 

I ended up living with now a great friend who is Mayan Calendar Keeper and guardian of Mayan Altars and Cacao. He taught me a lot about the process of Cacao and I had the opportunity to hold space for Mayan Cacao and Fire ceremonies with him preparing the medicine, guiding meditation and singing with my drum. Living with him for months I learned a lot about Mayan Calendar, Cosmovision, Nahuales and energetic workings of ceremonies.

During my times in Guatemala I also had the opportunity to participate Cacao and Fire ceremonies with amazing Guatemalan medicine women who shared a lot more about this medicine and inspired me with their ways of holding ceremony. My souls path finally took me to become a Moon Dancer in Mexico which is a path of becoming a medicine woman living and sharing the medicines of Cacao, Copal, Prayer, Dance, Song, Sweat Lodge and Sacred Pipe.

Our bodies have a tremendous capacity to heal and transform, just like our minds. All we need is to create a space to connect and tune into the healing of our body, mind and spirit. Cacao holds incredible wisdom in her essence and she can truly show us the way of our heart. 

!Ahau Ix Cacao!

 Matiox, Tlazocamati, Ometeotl

Thank you for all  the teachers I have had the opportunity to meet on my path and all of the wisdom keepers of Cacao, Mother Earth and Great Spirit


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